A single contact with knowledge of your business
A single contact with knowledge of your business

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Are you looking for plant selections that connect seamlessly to your purchase needs and those of your clients? At Hans Visser Plantenexport Aalsmeer BV, youíve come to the right place! In the presence of your own fixed salesperson, who speaks your language (if possible) and knows your market and business situation well. He or she will select the best varieties for you from our wide assortment, and offers them at competitive, competitive prices by telephone, email or through our online shop, exactly how you want.

We also offer customised work in the field of logistics. We are based in Aalsmeer, the heart of the international flower trade. Here, our enthusiastic and professional employees are ready to serve you every day, and package your orders with care and detail, based especially on your requirements, exactly how you want.


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Hans Visser Plantenexport Aalsmeer B.V.
Legmeerdijk 313 / Locatie 043
Postbus 1215
1430 BE Aalsmeer
KvK 34057297
Telephone: +31 (0)297 321751
Fax: +31 (0)297 519775

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